Smith Barney Login

Video demonstration and instructions on how to use the Smith Barney Login:


1. Click your pointer to your browser and enter . You should now be entering the Smith Barney login site. (NOTE: You will arrive at a site with the heading "Morgan Stanley"; the new owning company of Smith Barney. You are however in the right login site though, so keep going with the SMith Barney login process.)

2. Enter your user name in the "USER name" section.

3. Enter your password in the "Password" section.

4. Click on the "Go" link enclosed in an orange box or simply press the "Enter" key of your keyboard.

5. You should now be getting into your Smith Barney account after the system recognizes your Smith Barney login user name and password as correct.



1. Recheck your user name and password and make sure you entered the correct characters. (NOTE: The Password section is case-sensitive so be sure to provide the right cases of each character you enter.)

2. The site does inform you if they do not recognize the user name or the password you entered. In that case, click on the "Forgot user name? or "Forgot your password?" link. Or you can just nter in your browser, the URL:

3. You will then be directed to another page where you can reset your user name or password.

4. A pop-up window will appear for you to choose what area of the site you woud like to access, either the Morgan Stanley Online or the Benefit Access site. Choose whichever serves your purpose.

5. Click on the link "Continue" highlighted in an orange box.

6. You will then be sent an authentication letter from Morgan Stanley with instructions for you to follow on how to retrieve your user name or reset your password.

7. You are now required to use this new user name or password upon your next Smith Barney Login attempt.


Do you still have problems with your Smith Barney Login? Do you have questions or concerns you want to be addressed? Contact Smith Barney Online through the following:

1. Enter in your browser, the URL: to go to the Smith Barney Contact page.

2. Call them. Phone number: 1 (888) 454-3965. If you are outside the United States, you can call collect at + 1 (801) 617-9150.

3. Email them. Email address:


We do the best we can to provide you with the latest information and updates of the Smith Barney Login process. We strongly suggest that you bookmark this page for an easier access if you need further assistance with logging into your Smith Barney account in the future. By doing so, you will also be informed of the system changes and issues regarding the Smith Barney Login process.